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Custom Mystery Box


Welcome to the Custom Sneaker Mystery Box experience! Here's how it works:


 **Design Options**: Choose between custom Vans for $125 or AF1's for $175; both will be in white.

- **Personal Touch**: Provide 10 random details about yourself (e.g., favorite number, food, birthday) for subtle incorporation into the design.


- **Order Process**: Once you order and share your information, a start/pay date will be scheduled—payment due at that time. You'll receive email updates when halfway through and upon completion (minimum 4 days for completion).


- **Discount**: Enjoy $15 off if you schedule 2 pairs.


- **Signing and Numbering**: Each shoe will be signed and numbered.


- **Shipping and Drop-offs**: Free shipping and local drop-offs available.


- **Artistic Value**: These shoes are not just footwear but also art pieces and collectibles. Feel free to wear them or showcase them; either way, thank you for supporting Aukward Studios!

Saving to open up my art gallery!

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I will respond the same day with more info and a start date, thank you!

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Stay Aukward.

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